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Benary’s begonia line can help growers produce the best-quality begonias regardless of what type they want to offer.

BIG Deep Pink Green Leaf
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For growers producing begonias, Benary offers a wide variety of high-quality genetics growers can depend on.

“We recently bred the first interspecific White Begonia from seed with our BIG White Green Leaf introduction,” says Scott Hanes, a technical service manager at Benary. “Before that, Benary created the first Begonia boliviensis from seed with our Santa Cruz Sunset variety. We also have the fastest flowering fibrous series on the market with Sprint Plus. Benary is currently breeding many other types of begonias from seed and aims to remain a leader in this category.”

Benary’s begonia portfolio includes “begonias from seed in fibrous, tuberous and interspecific begonia categories,” Hanes says. In the fibrous category, their latest developments include “the fast-flowering Sprint Plus, the robust Super Cool, and the dark-leaved Nightlife series,” he adds.

What Benary is focused on is offering growers a wide variety of begonia options so growers can get the right plant for their needs, Hanes says. That includes classic varieties (such as the green-leaved Super Olympia or the dark-leaved Cocktail); trailing/semi-trailing begonias (the compact Groovy, the vigorous Sun Cities series and the Funky series); and vegetative elatior begonias (the Solenia series). The company also continues to develop more bicolor and unique novelty color options.

“[Our goal] is to commercialize new and different species from seed, explore more vegetative breeding, and maintain the highest standards of uniformity and seed quality in the industry. We are constantly upgrading our lines of begonias to ensure they are more uniform, with higher quality and faster crop times than the competition,” Hanes says. “All of our begonias are highly producible with a solid supply chain in place.”

There’s also the BIG series, which Hanes says is still “unbeatable.”

“Today BIG still offers the most uniformity, color options, and performance of any series, and BIG is the most used and recognized interspecific series on the market,” Hanes says. “No breeder offers higher quality begonia seed with better performance in their series. Benary offers begonia genetics with a longstanding reputation and name recognition for both growers and consumers. Benary is a recognized leader for begonias in this industry, and with Benary genetics you also get a world of insight from Benary’s collective years of experience with this crop. We can provide full detailed culture and technical support, from sow to finish, for any of our begonia crops to ensure growers are successful.”

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