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Dianthus Scully

Selecta One's Kenya farm approved by USDA

We have BIG news! The U.S. Department of Agriculture certified Selecta Kenya as an approved offshore Dianthus production farm last July. To achieve this distinction, the Kenya farm is monitored continuously by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), ensuring all phytosanitary requirements are met and exceeded.

This makes Selecta One the only breeding company supplying Dianthus and Pot Carnation cuttings from offshore production into the U.S. via air, using Selecta One’s proven supply chain, making it first class and on time!

Versatility, beauty and tenacity make Dianthus a dynamo of the horticulture world.” - Leland Toering, Sales Manager for Selecta One® North America
EverLast Lavender + Eye Dianthus

What’s in it for you?

Thanks to these ongoing quality checks, the Kenya farm is bringing more than 40 top-selling varieties of potted, perennial and annual Dianthus and Carnations into the U.S. as unrooted cuttings. That’s a big enough selection to supply your every need, from Valentine’s Day shoppers to Mother’s Day container buyers and all the home gardeners in between.

As one of the most fragrant and long-blooming flowers available, Dianthus can be relied upon to add a punch of color, a wave of fragrance and a dazzle of visual interest to containers and gardens. As time marches on and other flowers start to fade and droop, the mighty Dianthus will often continue to stand proudly upright for days — and even weeks — longer, reminding us of the power of beauty and strength combined.

Pink Kisses Dianthus

Dianthus and Pot Carnations don't need to be complicated to purchase and schedule. In fact, thanks to the Kenya farm of Selecta One and our NEW Product Selection Tool and scheduling guide found at, our Dianthus varieties are easier than ever to schedule and grow!

Of the dozens of different varieties, some of my favorites are I LOVE U, Scully, Pink Kisses® and EverLast™.

The versatile I LOVE U Carnation looks amazing indoors and outdoors, as well as in containers and landscapes. It displays a full range of colors, from deep pink to soft rose and pink, all the way through white. Plus, pollinators love this fragrant perennial. It creates a beautiful display for the at-home gardener.

I Love U Dianthus

Vivid purple Scully is very easy to grow. It can be targeted as both an indoor premium potted plant and for garden sales. Scully can be grown under very cold conditions for low-energy growing, making it ideal for early and mid-Spring sales.

Early-season Pink Kisses is the perfect windowsill plant. This “grab and go” gift item is easy to grow and easier to sell. It gets the growing season off to a strong start, with tons of two-tone flowers that need no deadheading. Frost-hardy Pink Kisses also works well as a late-season tender perennial Dianthus, while staying compact.

The tough-as-nails EverLast series boasts the most extensive color range in an attractive, upright habit. It blooms in early Spring, showing off brilliant, intoxicating color longer than any other perennial Dianthus. EverLast withstands the roughest weather with excellent performance and is hardy to Zone 5.

The limitations that might have stopped you from purchasing, scheduling and growing eye-catching, sweet-smelling Dianthus — and making more money in the process — are in the past. This is especially true when you incorporate our NEW Product Selection Tool and scheduling guides to time your planting of very early, early, mid-blooming and later-blooming Dianthus.

Remember, Selecta One is the ONLY Dianthus and Pot Carnation supplier that can satisfy any quantity you need, all in one shipment, empowering you to avoid multiple shipping charges.

Selecta One is also the ONLY Dianthus supplier that keeps your program costs down and profits up, with increased labor efficiency of fewer shipments and stick dates, thereby decreasing input costs per cutting.

And Selecta One is the ONLY Dianthus supplier with an extensive inventory and a huge variety of Dianthus available at your fingertips, ready to supply your every program need.

See for yourself! Visit our Product Selection Tool at to find all the best varieties to fill your Dianthus program.

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