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Senior technical manager Carlos E. Bográn shares how OHP helps growers keep their plants healthy.

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The best plant is a healthy plant. While growers can encounter all sorts of problems in their greenhouses related to plant health, OHP provides solutions growers can trust.

When it comes to handling plant health issues like insect and mite pests, plant diseases and weed control, OHP has a variety of solutions growers can use.

“We offer a complete ‘toolbox’ portfolio of conventional and biological products and solutions, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and other products intended for use indoors and outdoors on ornamental and edible crops,” says Carlos E. Bográn, senior technical manager at OHP. “We are always seeking and developing new products and technologies from basic manufacturing partners and industry and university researchers.”

OHP provides both solutions for growers of edible and inedible organic crops, and develops conventional solutions that are compatible with beneficial insects, mites and microorganisms used in biological control. “For organic production, we offer both biochemical and microbiological OMRI listed solutions including organic copper fungicides/bactericides, botanical insecticides containing azadirachtin or natural pyrethrins and microbiological biopesticides based on beneficial fungi and bacteria,” Bográn says. “Modern insecticides and fungicides in our portfolio have been selected in part due to their compatibility with microbial products and both predators and parasitoids used in augmentative biological control programs.”

According to Bográn, OHP helps growers determine what products are best for them to use, as well as how and when to use them.

“Growers use products in several ways, from crop sprays or drench treatments using conventional and low-volume equipment, to broadcast applications of granular products, soil media incorporation, fogging chemigation and even aerial and drone application,” Bográn says. The company also assists growers with things like equipment calibration, pest identification and diagnosis, and worker training.

When helping growers figure out what solutions are best for them, OHP relies on its expert team members. “We have a strong technical team composed of experienced professionals with practical knowledge and expertise in all aspects of horticulture production,” Bográn says. “Not all issues require applications and not all applications require our own products, so we are open and flexible, providing the best solution for each grower.”

Bográn describes a mutually beneficial relationship between OHP and the growers the company works with.

“We believe that helping the growers helps us, too,” he says. “We learn from them and with them to make sure solutions are appropriate and address real, current problems. We stay on top of new approaches and technologies and always interact with and seek new ideas from industry experts. By focusing on production horticulture, we avoid diluting our time and effort, and we can establish personal relationships with both our distributor clients and the end users of our products and services."

If a customer needs assistance with an OHP product, they have a variety of options available. OHP’s website has resources for customers and has contact information for company personnel who can help. Technical team members across the country can be reached via phone, email or text, and a customer can also contact their specialized local distributor sales representative. “We are proud to provide timely responses and follow through,” Bográn says, “and if we don’t have a solution, we will point you in the right direction.”

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